Thursday, December 18, 2014

Halloween, Pumpkin Patch, Santa

October and November just zoomed right by, coordinating playdates, skating lessons and soccer academy.  School is going well for all of them, actually, and no major news to tell of. 

I am not biased or anything (wink wink), but I think my kids are pretty photogenic and I like taking pictures of them. 

We went to the pumpkin patch with the Sherwin's and my brothers family - though we learned that 2 weeks before Halloween is too early to carve your pumpkin (Callum's turned to mush before the big day!).

This was a weird surprise one day, after Simon got bored of playing home alone.  Apparently napping was more fun than being at home without his brothers (he often asks me during the day "Callum all done, Mommy?").

Samantha, Kami and I got out for lunch and a sunny (but rather cold!) walk in Vancouver one day. 

And Halloween:  Callum borrowed a friend's "Blue Man" costume, Max wore a borrowed Storm Trooper costume and Simon was quite happy in his home-made Superman costume.  A super easy year!



Jeff and Ueli Steck

It was back in September when Jeff peaked Mt.Baker for the first time, but while he was there, he caught a bug - the climbing bug!  His loves of backcountry skiing and hiking came together during this first ascent of a snow-capped peak, and the day he returned he was already telling me about planning his next climb up Mt.Shukshan.  When he has a chance, Jeff is caught watching videos of this amazing (and crazy) Swiss climber, Ueli Steck, or reading his new bible "Training for the New Alpinism".  A man's gotta have a hobby.

He went with our awesome neighbour, Thure Svardfeldt (he's very scandinavian - an appropriate alpine-climbing name!!), and they had organized for a guide named Joseph to instruct them on avalanche safety and rescue practices, as well as ice climbing tips.  He says the weather was perfect (if not too warm!).