Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Max, à la Scott

You may have already noticed that there is a variety of picture-quality among the photos on my blog and the truth is that I should have already given credit to my brother, Scott, for all the good pictures that I have posted. It is quite obvious which shots have been taken by Scott - those with perfect lighting, great colouring and pleasant poses (see good shots of Max above) - and the other shots by me - satisfactory for the purposes of documentation (see poor shots of Max above). Well, someday soon, Jeff will have a steady income again and we can splurge on a real camera with a real flash, and hopefully I won't be completely dependent on my brother to take decent photos of my kids, though, of course, I do realize that great shots are not just a product of a great camera - Scott is just good.
By the way, if you care to check out more of his work (including more amazing pictures of my kids), check out: http://davisfamilymedia.blogspot.com/ and then follow the link to his portfolio. Oh, and he is for hire!

Tramps and Guns

Yes, Callum is into tramps and guns. Well, Trampolines and Waterguns, that is! (Oh, aren't I just so funny?)

Jeff was doing an 8am-10pm course over the weekend, so, I decided to take the boys to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a few days. We had a bit of a Father's Day BBQ on Saturday too, so my siblings Kim, Kami and Scott came out with their families.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oops! A little cream for lunch.

The other day I was going to make some ice cream. So I measured out some whipping cream but then realized we didn't have enough eggs anyway, so I just put the measuring cup of cream in the fridge. Well, we also use plastic measuring cups to mix up Max's formula... Uh huh, you can see where this is going, eh? Yup, it turns out that, over the weekend, Max probably had about 2 or 3 meals of whipping cream instead of formula in his bottle! Oops!! I didn't realize it until yesterday when I went to use the whipping cream and it was already gone. I guess Max didn't mind. Ha! No wonder he is growing at such an astonishing rate - this kid is so heavy already!

The picture above is a bit of a milestone - Callum finally asked to hold Max. Every once in a while Callum will take notice of Max's existence: he will come over and say 'Hi Max' or bring him a toy to show him, but for the most part, Max is still an uninteresting addition to the household. I can't say Max is all that fascinated with Callum either, for that matter, but he does love his playmat - he will lie in that thing for more than 20 minutes whie coo-ing and grabbing at the giraffe. Love it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Traumatic Event

This morning, we ventured out to Stanley Park to go on the train and visit the petting zoo. All was well and exciting for my little Callum as we took the bus there, played in a different park while I fed Max then chugged along the miniature train in the forest. Then we even met up with his friend Declan before heading into see the farm animals. Unfortunately, that is when everything went bad - Callum fell and scraped his knee - and not just any scrape, a scrape that actually bled real blood! Well, Callum isn't as tough as I thought. He cried and cried, he would have nothing to do with a band-aid, and cried almost the whole bus ride home until he fell asleep in the stroller and had a 4.5 hour nap! I think he might have been a little tired, too... Poor guy.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Project

To document the work that has been keeping Jeff busy, here are a few pics of the project site in Gibsons, as it was on May 14th. You can see how beautiful the oceanfront property is and the footings that have been poured for the house... It's always exciting to see something you have designed come to life, and especially a home on such an amazing site. We can't wait until it's finished so we can visit Kim and Sven there every weekend!