Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Brothers, no doubt!

I thought I would do a little comparison - Here is Callum and Max, each at 2 weeks old... Think they're similar?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Risky Business

Ok, so Tom Cruise didn't have a diaper coming out of the top of his pants, but Callum's photoshoot here is a pretty good take on the famous movie scene, I think! He really enjoyed wearing his Dad's glasses and dancing around the apartment while Jeff took pictures. Are we promoting vanity...? :)

Last week was lacking in pleasure as we all were sick with a cold and housebound. This week, however, has been really good - the weather has been nice, so that helps a lot. Lots of trips to the beach to play with Callum's friends; Alejandro, Declan, Sam and Elliot, plus a boat ride to Granville Island to play with Kelli's friend Malaika. Jeff has found an office to work at (a friend's design firm has an extra desk for him), so he is feeling more productive now that he's not distracted by crying babies and the refrigerator in front of his face.

I think it is time for a trip to my parents house to raid the tubs of baby clothes in storage as Max is getting big very fast - not even 2 months old and needs the 3-6 months clothes already!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Queen E and Locarno

We tried to make the best of the beautiful weather this weekend.

We went to Queen Elizabeth Park in the morning on Saturday and had lots of "fun" - actually, Max cried the whole time so it wasn't great. But then in the evening we met up with friends for a BBQ on Locarno beach - my favorite view of Vancouver is seen there. Margarita and Xavier Crespo are from Equador and their son, Alejandro, is Callum's good friend. Max behaved better, so it was a beautiful night.
When it was time to go, locating all of Callum's toys strewn across the beach was an interesting activity, and we found Ernie perched on a log, not far from Callum's $7 horse (I call his toy horse the $7 horse because I think it is ridiculous that I paid $7 for a little plastic horse!).

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shades of Normalcy

5 weeks old, now, and I think life is returning to as-close-to normal as it can, (other than our sleep patterns). Callum and I are back to going to the beach, the park and playdates, though with Max in tow, and Jeff is back to work, (well, sort of). As opposed to Callum at this age, Max actually lets me put him down, so things like showering, preparing dinner and attending to Callum are realities instead of memories.

Actually, because my sister Kami is applying for Saint-hood, Max and Callum stayed at her place for the night last Thursday, to play with her 4 boys and her friend's kids too (so she had 8 kids, 7 of which were boys! I know, she's insane, but to my advantage, at least!). Anyway, the next day we visited my parents. Jeff and my Dad went out on their road bikes together... only to end up with my Dad in the hospital with a broken hip, crushed knuckle and scratched up from ankle to eyebrow! In the past, my Dad has ended up in the hospital after a day of skiing with Jeff, so I am beginning to think that maybe letting the 2 of them take my 2 boys on a hike a couple weeks ago wasn't such a great idea! Yikes.