Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get out of the water!

It has been over a week since Callum and I went swimming, so when we went to the pool yesterday morning, he was quite excited. Unfortunately, however, after about 20 minutes in the kiddie pool, Callum climbs out and leaves behind a "residue" in the water - His new cheap-brand swim diapers that are apparently too big on him didn't do their job - Yuck. So I rush him into the change room only to be followed by everyone else that was there - they shut down the pool! No one gave me any obvious stares of annoyance, but maybe I was too busy cleaning my kid's diarrhea problem to notice...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Doctors

I had two doctor's appointments this week - first with my Dr.Kinney (the regular check-up with no surprises: a measured uterus at 35cm, weight of 66kg), and second with Dr.Callum. As we often do, Callum and I went to play over at Claudine and Declan's house today (Callum loves Declan's selection of toys from the Cars movie!) and he found the doctor toolbag to give Declan and I a once-over.

The rest of our week included playing at Margherita and Alejandro's house (who also has a Cars-movie toy collection to envy), visiting Samantha and Lorelei in Burnaby before visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Surrey, and yesterday we got a tour of a Preschool Callum might be able to go to next January (that's the earliest he can get in because of his January birthday, not to mention the fact that he will need to be toilet trained before then too).

Tomorrow should be exciting as Kami's 4 boys will spend the day with us here - good thing it is supposed to be sunny and 12 degrees so we will be outside most of the time...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Little Church Man

Callum is growing up fast! He wore this shirt and tie combo to church last Sunday (yes, I know, I have to get the poor kid a real belt instead of a random piece of fabric). The new 1pm time-slot for church messes with his nap schedule, but it seems to bother me more than him.

He developed an ear infection this week that doesn't seem to be draining very well, causing yucky mucus in his eyes, but at least he is taking his medication without too much fuss.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Typical Day

Generally, Callum and I spend a lot of time together exploring the world around us while Jeff is being ambitious and successful in the business world beyond us. The park, the beach and the seawall are favorite playgrounds for Callum and I during the nicer months, though the winter introduced us to more indoor activities like swimming at the pool, gymnastics class, and toy-time at the Community centre. For Callum and I, a typical day looks a lot like this picture of us (taken yesterday) near Wainborne Park, eating an orange on a bench after jumping off big rocks and chasing birds.

This week, however, we had a slight variation on the usual
. As noted below, Jeff was laid off from his day-job, so he will now be home more often...maybe? I guess we will be figuring that out...!