Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Max, à la Scott

You may have already noticed that there is a variety of picture-quality among the photos on my blog and the truth is that I should have already given credit to my brother, Scott, for all the good pictures that I have posted. It is quite obvious which shots have been taken by Scott - those with perfect lighting, great colouring and pleasant poses (see good shots of Max above) - and the other shots by me - satisfactory for the purposes of documentation (see poor shots of Max above). Well, someday soon, Jeff will have a steady income again and we can splurge on a real camera with a real flash, and hopefully I won't be completely dependent on my brother to take decent photos of my kids, though, of course, I do realize that great shots are not just a product of a great camera - Scott is just good.
By the way, if you care to check out more of his work (including more amazing pictures of my kids), check out: http://davisfamilymedia.blogspot.com/ and then follow the link to his portfolio. Oh, and he is for hire!

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