Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fish + Undies

Callum is, well, pretty much, toilet trained! (Look at his cute undies hanging from our shower rod!)

We stayed home for 3 days last week to master to art of using the toilet until I felt confident going out of doors. The big test, however, was yesterday when we met up with my cousin's wife, Diana, and her 2 daughters for some fun with fish. We took the bus to the Vancouver Aquarium and Callum enjoyed little Elizabeth's company. And, he didn't have any accidents, the whole time we were out! I'm so proud of him (and so relieved this wasn't an excruciatingly painful process - Phewph)!


  1. Yay Callum! Was there a certain method you used? I think i've heard of the 3 day method but it does sound like alot of work. I guess there is no way around hard work and discipline on both ends when it comes to potty training a toddler. Way to go!!
    BTW-I'm hoping to get an Aquarium membership soon so maybe we can go sometime?

  2. Good job Callum! Hunter is working on potty training. Just wondering if Callum tells you when he needs to go or if you just take him? HUnter is on day three and has only had one accident, but I take him to the bathroom every couple of hours. And is he still in diapers at night? Just wondering your method. Being a Mom is such a guessing game sometimes, at least for me;)