Saturday, March 6, 2010

Couple Getaway: Palm Springs

Dropped the kids off at Kami's, got a ride to the airport and we were off...

The idea was
to "do nothing" - just sit around, read, sleep, maybe shop a little. We did manage to relax by the pool for about half an hour and we did pick up a few new clothes. My Uncle Ted and Aunt Lorraine happened to be in Palm Desert so we could sit to watch the Gold Medal hockey game with some fellow Canadians, but it turns out that doing nothing actually grows old quick. Palm Springs is actually a bit dead - the economy has hit it hard, it seems, with every other store window vacant.

So Jeff went golfing with the relatives while I went to the Spa.

The best part of the trip, however, was exploring in Joshua Tree National Park. Very cool trees and rocks (I couldn't help but think that my sister Krista would have a blast scambling around here).

If you wonder what that funky cactus looks like without all the prickly stuff, this is the insides:
We came home Wednesday night, picked up our sleeping babes from Mom and Dad's place, and awoke Thursday to plenty of snot and coughing - Callum and Max are sick. Oh well, at least I feel a rejuvenated sense of love for these mucus-hacking, runny-nosed boys!

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