Saturday, May 8, 2010

Working and Puking

I tried to get some concentrated work done on designing a house for my parents and my brother's family, so Callum and Max spent a lot of time at their grandparents in Langley. They slept over there from Monday to Thursday for the last 2 weeks while I worked, but it turns out that is way too hard on me - I missed them (and worried way too much about their eating and sleeping habits!)! I have come up with an alternative game plan, so we'll see how that goes over next little while.

I have to say, though, that I don't think Callum and Max missed me very much - they had cousins to play with, Aunt Samantha had crafty activities for them, Grandma had Jello and Ice cream to eat, and they love the big yard with a trampoline.

Samantha and Lorelei with Callum:

Callum and his cousins Jackson, Adam and Michael:

Playing in Grandma's crawlspace with Lorelei and Jackson:

Max loved the new selection of Toys in Lorelei's room:

Callum concentrating on his next jump:Max and Eric:
Callum pulling Jackson:

In the meantime, it seems like we've just been taking turns being sick. After Max got over his measles, he got the flu and passed it around to the rest of us. At least no one sick aat the same time so that I could handle all the extra laundry from all the vomit!

I never mentioned that Max got his 2nd top tooth while suffering with the measles - as you can see in this picture:

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