Monday, September 19, 2011

"No, not a basketball - a boulder."

People tend to comment on the distinct way that I carry my babies when I am pregnant and I have begun to correct them - they say that it's like there's a basketball strapped to my belly, but I know better. Basketballs are filled with air and this thing on my belly feels more like it is filled with a big rock!

The last couple weeks I have been getting slower and slower, losing my breath by the 3rd step up my stairs or feeling inclined to fall asleep on the couch for 2 minute naps throughout the day. I feel a little sorry for Callum and Max, since our daily life includes much less getting out and doing stuff and more time hanging out at the house. I'm just so tired! One more week until my due date and I am praying that I'm not too overdue. I've gained 26 lbs this time around and there is a good chance that I'm having at least a 10lb kid this time - yikes!!!

I guess I can't feel too badly for my boys since we have been doing some decently fun stuff. We went to Redwood Park one day, which turned out to be quite awesome. The boys seem to like trail riding their bikes and we found this awesome tree.
(Callum said he's bored of smiling for pictures all the time, so he's experimenting with variety.)

I took the boys into Vancouver for a personal nostalgia tour of our old hood - it's been almost a year since we moved! We ran into Callum's buddy, Declan and his Mom Claudine.

And we met up with Kami and her boys in Queen E Park.

There was one day we picked up my niece Lorelei to go to a playground and a waterpark.

Our super-awesome neighbour Cindy has a super-awesome Mom that has a super-awesome pool at her super-awesome property in White Rock. We've managed to get invited a few times.

Callum has now started his Preschool, 12:30-3pm Monday-Friday - Yeeay! I guess I am pretty happy about it since it has been Callum's habit to wake me up every morning with "So, Mom, what are we going to do today?!". Being pregnant and exhausted, I don't really like that question anymore. So, Callum loves his school, although it's pretty hard on Max, actually - not necessarily because he misses Callum, but because he wants to stay too!

School is only 2.5 hours out of the day, though, so we still have more playground-time and bike-riding or just hanging out in the backyard.

Max was really angry at Callum this day, so he sent himself off to this contemplative spot to be alone. It was so cute (though he did not appreciate me taking his picture).

Another day, while Callum and Max were waiting for the blow-up pool to fill with fresh water, Callum asked me to lay out the blanket on the lawn. Next time I looked, he has brought out his Lego Star Wars encyclopedia and he and Max were contently flipping through it. They can be SO darn cute, you know.

Jeff and I both really like this song that is out now by One Republic called "Good Life" - it just makes us both think about how good we have it and we hope we don't take that for granted.

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