Monday, December 12, 2011

Crafty Kelli

After taking out our little box of Christmas decorations, I realized that we may need a few more. They may have been sufficient for our 700sqft apartment, but they were lost in this big house. So I cut some branches off the Holly tree in our back yard then ripped up a Harry Potter book and ended up with these:

Callum was inspired at school to make some paper snowflakes for our windows, so I got on board too.

Just as a side-note, Max is currently sitting on the toilet and has been on there for nearly an hour. We had his "Goodbye Diaper" party yesterday since I am just disgusted by changing his diapers anymore. Well, by 9:00am, we had already gone through 3 sets of underwear and pants, hence why he is just going to spend the day sitting on the can until he figures out what peeing in the toilet actually means! (Yes, Samantha, you can snicker and feel satisfied that Max will challenge my patience in this endeavor!). I am SO unexcited about the next few days. I am tempted to give up right this very minute, actually....


  1. I am not snickering at all! potty training is not fun or is it easy for most children. Hang in there. Let him go around naked!!!