Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brag for a moment.

I have to get this down...

It is Tuesday evening and Callum, Max and friend Teddy are in the backyard having races, running in a big circle around the yard.  Kelli opens the kitchen window so she could hear them in case of any argument that needed intervention.  Kelli looks up once to see Teddy beating Callum at a race, looks up a little later to see all of them racing backwards. The next time she looks up, Kelli sees Max running with all his effort a few feet ahead of a jogging Callum, who was kind of huffing and puffing while saying, "Oh Max, I can't catch up, you're too fast!".  Kelli's eyebrows raise and she stands in amazement, staring at her eldest son. Kelli watches as Max smiles from his triumphant race and Callum gives him a High-five.

Can a mother ask for a more awesome moment?  Can a mother witness anything more satisfying and rewarding than that? Well, I dunno, but it sure helps make up for a lot of the other crap that a mother puts up with, I can tell you that.

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