Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jeff holidays.

My previous post described our super awesome backpacking trip, just Jeff and me.  But Jeff had 2 weeks of holidays and spent it doing various other things like...

Taking a group of Scouts backpacking:

Going into Vancouver for one of our favorite past times, Urban Exploration:

 A visit to Art Knapp for some toy train admiring and mini golf:

 Or hiking into our family favorite mountain swimming hole in Lynn Valley:

Jeff also watched one of Callum and Max's swimming lessons and came to the skate park to watch some of the new moves Callum learned during his skateboarding camp, not to mention Simon's skills on his run-bike.

Then after his holidays, he went back to work and quit his job!  He is leaving Mosaic homes to work for Aspac developments, a company that does bigger, urban projects.  He's pretty excited.

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