Thursday, January 29, 2015

The end of 2014

Oops.  I was supposed to include our Santa photos in my last post.  Oh well.  Here they are, with a couple from Christmas morning too.

It was a big year for the boys - Jeff and I decided to let them ask Santa for a gaming console this year (I would explain my reasons, but that would be a full essay on internet safety and parental controls and teaching the principle of trust to our children, so let's just continue, shall we?).  Well, I told the boys that they might want to have a Plan B when they ask Santa for their gift this year, since he may not think a WiiU is a good idea yet.  So they also asked for "Beany-Boos" (popular stuffed animals), assuming that they would get one or the other.  Clever Santa decided to play a little trick on the boys as he had a small gift under the tree for each of them that turned out to be beeny-boos.  Callum tried not to show his disappointment when he opened the stuffed animal - it was sweet.  However, once all the other presents were opened, Jeff found an envelope in the tree branches addressed to Callum, Max and Simon and it said "You have been very good boys this year!".  Callum opened it and there was a piece of paper that had a little riddle on it (which I should have kept so I could tell you how clever Santa really was with his rhyming), indicating that the boys had 3 more gifts, and the first one could be found under the place where they rest their heads.  So, under Simon's bed they found 3 remote controls for a WiiU and another note telling them they should look where they keep their shoes.  Of course, they looked in the front closet and they found the Disney Infinity game, plus a note saying their last gift could be with Star Wars toys.  And it was next to their AT-AT walker that they found the WiiU console.  The boys were very. very happy.  

It turns out, actually, now that we've had it for a month, that Simon is the most addicted to it and pretty much throws a tantrum every time I tell him his time is up.  Sigh.  He's also already broken one of the games.  Ah, my lovely Simon.  So calm, obedient, quiet... HA!

A cold spell in November made me feel optimistic about our ski season this year, so we bought Callum and Max passes to Mt.Seymour and registered them in weekend lessons for all the Saturdays in January.  Well, let's just say that it wasn't a "White Christmas" and it hasn't been "white" here at all.  And I get the feeling this is a problem that isn't going to be changing in years to come.  Sigh.  Damn you global warming!!  Ahem... Well, we've booked a place at Sun Peaks for Family Day long weekend (Feb 6th-9th), so hopefully more snow (or any snow!) will be found there!

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