Wednesday, April 22, 2015

February Long Weekend in Sun Peaks

It was Family Day long weekend (Feb.6-9th) and Jeff took an extra day off work so that we could have a decent family ski trip together.  There was a satisfying amount of snow for the kids and for Jeff and I, and our hotel was roomy enough for the boys to have some decent wrestling space.

We didn't bother signing Callum up for lessons, Max only did 1 lesson and we tried Simon in 2 days of lessons with childminding.  He quite liked the childminding and the first lesson apparently went pretty well.  Good enough that I took him up the chairlift the same afternoon and we slowly made our way down the green run (with a good break in the middle to build a snowman).

The 2nd lesson, however, not so great.  The whole mountain watched as I wrenched his fingers off my leg and the teacher told me to just walk away as he screamed and screamed.  In the end, I saved the note that was left behind by his teacher:

Otherwise, lots of fun to be had, including the bungy-trampoline.

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