Friday, September 18, 2015

Rest of July

When we got home from Alberta, I sent a text to our friends, inviting them to hang out as much as we can before we move.  There were several days in which we had many buddies over, sometimes up to 11 kids playing in the backyard together.

On other days, we enjoyed a fabulously hot and dry summer doing other outdoor activities, which had to include a couple perfect beach days.

We happily accepted any invitation from Cindy to use her Mom's pool.  My boys actually call her Mom "Gammy", because that's what Teddy calls her and they love her too.

I registered Callum and Max is a couple summer camps, the first being a BMX camp.  I put Simon into a camp at the same time at the Rec centre, but he wanted nothing to do with it, so we just hung out together and watched his big brothers.

When the boys tried washing the van, they did get one side kind of clean, before they got distracted...

Cindy and I took Teddy and my boys to Splashdown waterpark for an awesome day. We got there before noon and it wasn't until 5:00pm that Simon agreed to finally try a waterslide, then he loved them!  We stayed until the place closed for the night, which was great because then there were no more lineups to deal with for the last couple hours.

 Jeff sometimes took the boys to the climbing gym at the Richmond oval and I came along one time.

There were a couple visits to Science World too, of course. 

And there were lazy days of just messing around, of course.

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