Thursday, July 28, 2016

Before the summer started...

My head space right now is all jumbled up with all the things I need to be organizing, planning, taking care of, and all worried about all the things I am forgetting to do or have been putting off.  For example, I have been receiving a piece of mail (an actual letter in the post) from our bank requesting a piece of information regarding our fire insurance plan for our house, since they are our mortgage provider and apparently need this pertinent piece of information.  I have been receiving this letter regularly for several months.  I have tried to get this information and even went in to the bank to learn that it was the wrong information, and that was that.  No, I have not dealt with this, and this is one of the hundred things lurking in the back of my mind that I really should be dealing with but just can't seem to get around to doing.  Sigh.  Therefore, blogging has not been a priority.  But tonight, lets do it.  I will be brief, I will not edit any pictures and probably won't even check for spelling errors, but, what the heck, I gotta do it.

Callum had his last Scouts meeting, roasting S'mores in the parking lot.  He had a good year and Kim was just getting the hang of being the Cub leader. but she learned she will not be continuing next year.  Too bad.

Simon had a little graduating ceremony from his preschool.  Although it may not have had any academic value, he sure did like going and he sure did love his teacher, Ms. Kat.

I actually can't remember why we were messing around at the ball park, but the boys were actually playing well together! Oh, it must have been after Simon's game, since he's wearing his team shirt.

To celebrate Mother's Day and Kami's birthday, Kim, Kami and I spent 2 nights at Kim's place in Gibsons the last weekend in May.  We hiked up Soame's point one day and another day we tried to climb Mt.Steele, but got only within about 1km since the snow got too unsafe to continue (not to mention we just couldn't figure out which way to go!!).

And while I was at Kim's, Jeff took the boys to Seattle for a couple nights.  Our friends, Dave and Alyce Elton let them stay at their place while they were away in Thailand.

Jeff planned a cycling trip with Sven (to sort of celebrate Sven's 50th birthday, though he didn't want it mentioned!).  He said they were the most epic rides of his life.  He toured around Napa Valley and Sonoma California area.  Gorgeous.

While Jeff was away, we went to visit Cindy on a great sunny day, and swam at her Mom's pool.

On a particularly sunny day, I thought I would document the amount of sunlight that gets into our yard, for future gardening purposes, and I was happy to see there are actually a few decent hours of sun back there.

Although we had a hot and dry Spring, things turned rainy and wet for most of June and continued into July.  We had Lynn Valley Day on a particularly wet day, but the boys enjoyed the juggler guy!

One of the last activities of the school year was the "Carnival".  It was, well, OK, but totally lucked out with a sunny day.

Jeff's company also lucked out with a sunny day for their summer BBQ activity at Cates Park in North Van.  They bought superhero costumes for the kids.

After the BBQ, Jeff dropped me at Deep Cove to run home along the Baden Powell.  It took me longer than expected (but it turns out I was actually sick that night and the next day) for the 15km (over 2hrs), but I met this guy along the way.

Anyway, as you could probably tell, I am only allowing myself to briefly summarize May and June activities, because it really is all I have time for.  I am writing this on July 28th and my next post to include July activities will need to be more informative, because we did some fun stuff!

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