Wednesday, August 17, 2016

10 days of keepin' busy (July19-29)

So, we got back from our island-hopping trip late Sunday night, then we had a "relaxing" Monday, or at least the boys did.  I had to deal with all the aftermath of our trip while also packing for an overnight backpacking trip with my Dad, Kim, Kami and Scott.  Dad wanted to test his legs, kind of do a "shakedown" before our week-long Devil's Dome hike in August.  He chose Flora Lake loop in Chilliwack, which was actually pretty tough, considering the mild bushwalking required and decent elevation gain.  My quads were sore for a few days afterwards!

I had dropped the boys at my Mom's, so they drove her crazy for 2 days.  It was a good test for her, too, I guess, of what watching my boys would be like while Jeff and I hike the Devil's Dome.  

I took a few days to let my legs recuperate a bit before running again, but I left Jeff with the kids while I headed out on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to run across the Lions Gate bridge and around Stanley Park.  This city never ceases to amaze me.

Random pic: Simon practices his cross-eyes.

After church that Sunday, we decided Jeff needed to see the funny Lumberjack show on Grouse mountain, so we went up again - but poor Callum got quite sick and ended up throwing up a few times while up at the top!  Poor kid! Jeff got to see some of the show and saw some of the Falconry show too before Callum got too bad.

I registered Callum and Max into a Mountain Biking camp for the week in the mornings, and it turned out to be a huge success.  They loved it.  Their instructors (Ryan and Becca) were really great too, going the extra mile to pick the boys up closer to our house before riding across the pipeline bridge to the Seymour area.  

While they were mountain biking, Simon and I spent most of our mornings making meals to dehydrate for backpacking, shopping for items left on my gear list or playing on the WiiU together.  Everyday after bike camp, we did a variety of activities.  Monday, I took the boys to Ambleside and had some ice cream.

Tuesday I took them to Deep Cove. I didn't even make them hike to Quarry Rock before buying them shaved ice and myself a Honey's donut.

On Wednesday, I got Adam to babysit in the afternoon so I could do a hike with Kim and Dad to Mt.Crown. They started about an hour before me, so I had to catch up to meet them, but the trail was actually one of the most technically difficult I've done. Dad even decided he didn't want to go for the peak, so I caught up to them before Dad headed back so Kim and I went ahead to the summit and it was worth it.

We were lucky enough to have some White Rock friends come visit us on Thursday - Wohoo!  The Baldwins, (Michelle, Gavin, Cole and Ember), met us at New Brighton pool before heading up to Taqueria for dinner and playtime at our house.  

After their last day at bike camp, it was super hot and we were only a short walk to the Lynn Canyon swimming hole, so I convinced the boys to head down.  Max was hesitant to go in for the first while (because he had to go to the bathroom and wanted privacy where none was to be found!), but eventually all of us swam in.

Real summer weather certainly helped us to have a good week of fun and the forecast was looking good for the next week too.  Jeff and I spent the weekend finalizing our backpacks for our Devil's dome trip and we were really, really looking forward to it.

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