Sunday, February 1, 2009

Typical Day

Generally, Callum and I spend a lot of time together exploring the world around us while Jeff is being ambitious and successful in the business world beyond us. The park, the beach and the seawall are favorite playgrounds for Callum and I during the nicer months, though the winter introduced us to more indoor activities like swimming at the pool, gymnastics class, and toy-time at the Community centre. For Callum and I, a typical day looks a lot like this picture of us (taken yesterday) near Wainborne Park, eating an orange on a bench after jumping off big rocks and chasing birds.

This week, however, we had a slight variation on the usual
. As noted below, Jeff was laid off from his day-job, so he will now be home more often...maybe? I guess we will be figuring that out...!


  1. Pregnant and unemployed!? Enough to get me to subscribe! Looking forward to more.

  2. Glad to see you blogging! So sorry that Jeff got laid-off. We're feeling it a TON here in Portland as well. So far I still have my job, but architects, interns and designers seem to be getting laid-off on a very regular basis these days...if I can just hold on, hold on, hold on...