Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get out of the water!

It has been over a week since Callum and I went swimming, so when we went to the pool yesterday morning, he was quite excited. Unfortunately, however, after about 20 minutes in the kiddie pool, Callum climbs out and leaves behind a "residue" in the water - His new cheap-brand swim diapers that are apparently too big on him didn't do their job - Yuck. So I rush him into the change room only to be followed by everyone else that was there - they shut down the pool! No one gave me any obvious stares of annoyance, but maybe I was too busy cleaning my kid's diarrhea problem to notice...

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  1. Wow, my first blog comment! (Almost created my own blog in the process and as I barely have time to cut my toenails these days, my own blog will have to wait) I was checking in to see if you've had the baby - not yet...and then I read about Jeff. Couldn't close out before I sent a wee bit of encouragement. You're both so talented and resourceful that I'm sure Jeff will be back to work in no time. Enjoy your time at home together as these things definitely don't last forever. Hope to see you soon. Jules