Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saturday Adventures

So, we have been trying to make the best of our Saturday's: Several weeks ago we explored Lighthouse Park in West Van. Two weeks ago it was an adventure in Deep Cove for some Honey's Donuts (if you've never tried these donuts, if you can call them merely donuts, it is highly worth the trip out there!). Last Saturday it was a trip to Toys R Us (to buy Callum a Transformer, a baseball bat and a potty seat), then a BBQ on the beach with friends.

Just this past Saturday, we headed over to Lynn Valley Park (see pictures above). It has changed a lot since I was a kid, but the park and suspension bridge are still free-of-charge (and I have yet to actually pay the money to visit Capilano's bridge), and still beautiful. Max really enjoys the fresh air and is generally happy to just lie on the ground chewing on his hands while Callum wanted to go swimming in the water (until his toes went numb).

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