Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sisters Retreat

My 3 sisters and I took a long-overdue weekend away together. Kim, Krista, Kami and I went to Canmore for 3 days to talk, explore, talk some more, eat, talk some more, and hike. Krista took us up Mt.Kananaskis and it was an adventure that included bush-wacking, hiking through a creek, scrambling up shale slopes, bouldering up cliffs and enjoying many gorgeous views of the mountains. There were only a couple times that we actually feared for our lives as we navigated around the summit, but we had a great time and are now suffering sore thighs, knees and ankles (well, Kim, Kami and I are anyway).

Meanwhile, Jeff got to spend quality time with his 2 sons. He didn't just stay home and plug them in front of the TV - he took them to the Sunshine Coast with Sven and Adam (to check up on the house construction), and went to the beach and park and they had a lot of fun together.

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