Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Dreams

Early this morning, I was getting help from Jason Bourne (played by Matt Damon, of course) and it turned out that he had a crush on me. Then a bit later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, (I don't think Matt Damon was the father, though, and no, I'm not pregnant) but I was just elated! Yup, I had some satisfying dreams last night!

More importantly, however, was that we had a super-crazy birthday party for Callum last Sunday - loud and with lots of presents. Callum actually seems to be getting more and more shy, or more self-conscious in front of groups of people (even if they are all friends), so I hope it's just a phase. Otherwise, he had a GREAT time.

On Saturday, we failed to look at the weather report up at Seymour before driving up there with the boys to go sledding. Well, it might not have been great conditions, and it may have taken most of the time we were up there to convince Callum to actually get in the sled, and Max may have started crying every time we put him down, but at least Callum enjoyed the french fries we bought him in the lodge! Phewph!


  1. It was a GREAT party! Thanks for inviting us...and the kidlets look super cute on the sleds! your dream. If only I was lucky enough to dream like that!

  2. Best party in years!!

    Great cupcakes Kelli. Wnder if i'll tase more of those at Max's birthday?

    See you guys soon!


  3. I just hate it when I wake up from those kind of dreams-hehe ;) You are too funny Kelli! We had a great time last week and hope Callum is enjoying his new toys.