Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Phewph. It's over. Today I take down the Christmas decorations and get Callum to one of his classes of the New Year (Gymnastics today, swimming lessons tomorrow). Christmas Day came and went quickly, but it was a good day.

Christmas morning, before the mahem:
Callum waiting for me to assemble his favorite gift:
Finally complete - Optimus Prime!
We tried to fill the next week with as much fun as we could, while Jeff was off work. We even introduced Callum to skiing.

Callum's "real" birthday was just yesterday, but we will celebrate it this weekend.

Still haven't got our car back, but it is currently in the shop getting a few things fixed. Here is a lovely shot from the night of the party that our car was stolen - Jeff's work decided Christmas should involve Rock'n'Roll costumes, hence why he is George Michael and I am Cindy Lauper:


  1. Ok...I gotta say I LOVE your costumes!! SO awesome!!
    Next...I gotta say that Callum looks so excited about Optimus Prime he's gonna pop!
    And third...love the idea of Callum and Jeff skiing. What a great family experience!

    Mad props to you Missy! Love it all!

  2. Alejandro and I, were looking at your pictures they looks perfect, We hope Callum had a nice birthday yesterday, we miss you a lot. Margarita+ Alejandro