Thursday, August 12, 2010

Skinners in Alberta (Part 2)

(If you didn't catch "Part 1", see previous post).

As I said, after Waterton, we headed to my brother Todd's in Calgary, where Callum played with his cousins, (who happened to have a way better selection of toys than he ever will, including some seriously awesome costumes!).
We were able to visit friends from our time in Halifax, Evan and his wife Arundel, who now live in Calgary with their 2 daughters.

We planned on doing a day trip to Drumheller, but another day of driving seemed far less appealing than originally thought, so we opted for the dinosaurs at the Calgary Zoo instead. Callum seemed satisfied.

We booked a shmancy condo in Canmore to share with Jeff's parents for the following week, so we could hang out and be lazy or venture to the surrounding mountains for more rock throwing. There was also a pool that Callum asked to make use of on a daily basis.

One of the days, I was able meet up with some friends that I went to school with in Victoria, Stephanie and Emma, and later in the week my friend Mike, (that I knew from Edmonton since I was 12), came for a hike too, so I was so happy to be able to reconnect with people throughout our trip, even if it was only briefly.

So, that was our trip. Phewph. It takes a long time to make these blog posts.

I said I would mention the house hunt, so I will say that we put a bid on a house and we are in the middle of negotiations. I'm not feeling too optimistic, though, so we shall see...

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