Thursday, August 12, 2010

Skinners in Alberta (Part 1)

(Like the new blog look? I think I might switch things up every once in a while now. I should also warn you that I've been thinking of privatizing the blog, so wierdos can't copy pictures of my family, but I'll let you all know...)

Ah yes. A road trip with 3-1/2 and 1-1/2 year old boys - Wohoo! No really, we did have a good 2-week trip to Alberta with the plan to meet up with Jeff's parents from Ontario and with my Calgary siblings.

We left July 25th at 2:30am so the boys could sleep a few hours in the car and I have to say that they were pretty darn good - until we hit construction between Golden and Canmore. Oh well. We spent a night with my sister Krista and then the next day we headed to Waterton where Jeff's parents would meet us. The next few days were spent in awe of such a gorgeous place.

On the drive to Waterton:

The town is over-run with deer, as you can see here in front of our motel:

Picturesque Prince of Wales Hotel:

The whole Skinner clan at the hotel:

We explored a lot of areas with rocks and water, like Red Rock Canyon area - let the rock-throwing begin!

It was a funny surprise to meet up with a friend of ours from Vancouver who now lives in Ontario, Julianne Cunningham and her 3 boys, as her extensive extended family owns a few cabins in Waterton. Callum and Max were in toy and bike heaven!

Our last day in Waterton, we hiked the Bears Hump (kind of a mini Grouse Grind), which Callum did all by himself.

Then we drove back to Calgary to spend 3 nights at my brother Todd's place before heading to Canmore for a week... but I'll have to finish later! Tune in next post for the excitement of: the Calgary Zoo, hikes in Canmore, swimming at the hotel pool, and since we've been back home, some interesting developments in the White Rock House-hunt...

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  1. I was wondering where you were! It seems like we haven't seen you in ages! Looks like a great time in AB. Looking forward to hearing about the house hunting results.