Sunday, September 19, 2010

Messy, moving, monster Max

It seems an impossible task to get a picture of Max since he is constantly on the move, as the shot above shows.

Jeff and I are exhibiting minor stress in our own ways during this turbulent month and I feel particularly neglectful of the boys - too much TV. Hopefully we will be able to focus on them more after the move in less than 2 weeks. We managed to find a place to stay in White Rock - a 1-bedroom basement suite with no bathtub, so it should be an interesting few months. We also managed to rent out our apartment (which turned out to be more difficult than we had anticipated, so we are much relieved that's taken care of).

Yup, less than 2 weeks before I say Goodbye to my urban life and say Hello to, to, um, well, I'm not really sure what life will be like out there. Sigh. Well, I borrowed my sisters minivan the other day and managed to parallel park it on the first go, so somehow I feel like I can handle any suburban task ahead of me! Soccer Mom, here I come!


  1. You go girl!!! So much good news! I'm really excited for your new adventure!

  2. Wow! Not speak to you in a few months (?!) and look at all the changes!!!!!!! Hope all your family are doing well (and it looks like they are from your photos)

    Matthew R.