Monday, October 11, 2010

Bye Bye Love! Demolition Begins!

I guess it's been over a week now since we packed up our downtown home and said goodbye to Vancouver! As I drove the moving truck full of our stuff along the highway away from the city, I have to admit to shedding a tear or two (or maybe actually bawling my eyes out, but I have been a bit emotionally unsteady lately). Suburbs, here we come!

We moved into our basement suite (which is probably more square footage than our downtown condo, but only 1 bedroom and no bathtub), and settled in rather quickly, with the help of my sisters and Mom to unpack.

After a week of organizing, we enlisted the help of family and friends to begin demolition on our dump! We spent Saturday clearing out the excessive amounts of crap that was left behind from the previous owners.

My nephew Sam organizing the chemicals, electronics and recyclables:
My sister Kami getting acrobatic in the basement:
My Dad taking care of the job no one else wanted to do, the bathroom:
My friend Emily's husband Mike removing the animal-pee soaked hardwood flooring:
My brother Scott removing various type-writers, 8-track players, Mcdonald's toy collections, and other ancient technologies from under the stairs:
This is the bin at only 11:30am, so you can imagine how full it was by the end of the day:
It's Thanksgiving Monday today and Mom's making Turkey dinner at 5:30 tonight, so we better get going at removing more flooring and tackling interior walls!

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  1. Wow Kelly! You've got a full-scale demolition team working there - they must love you. Hope the work is moving along well. Thanks for sharing.