Monday, October 25, 2010

October is flyin' by.

Last weekend I was at a course Friday to Saturday, so Jeff took Callum with Scott, Sam and some cousins to the Pumpkin Patch. Looks like it was fun.

Otherwise, besides getting plumbers, window manufacturers, electricians, structural engineers, and framers into the house for quotes and work, there has been a lot of passing the kids off to other family members while we do more demolition. Callum and Max already know their cousins quite well, but their relationships will be even stronger by the time our renovations are done!

We've hired a framer who is raring to go, so his guys came and removed all our stucco and siding. There is still plenty of demolition to be done (will it ever end?), but here are some pics from this past Saturday (Thanks Scott for all your help! And Sam for watching the boys!):

I managed to step on a screw that penetrated my foot pretty deep and I have no idea when my last tetanus shot was, so if I don't update my blog ever again, I guess it means I have fallen victim to my own stupidity of wearing RocketDog shoes on a construction site!

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  1. Aw Kelli! Take it easy and I really hope you're ok! You're house looks so different and I'm excited to see things as the progress continues!
    Miss you being 5 minutes away but we'll get together again soon!