Sunday, January 23, 2011

Slow Month

It seems as though nothing much has happened this month. Especially when it comes to progress on the Blackburn house. Sigh. But we can't forget about Callum's 4th birthday! He and his cousin Lorelei shared a family Party (since her birthday is the day before Callum's).

On his actual birthday, we had an Ice Cream cake.

Callum's Preschool had a field trip to the Library, and Max joined the class (I took these pictures with my new iPhone - wohoo!!)

Most people use the phrase "the terrible 2's", but Jeff and I agree that this is about our favorite age - Max is just so darn cute! Although he has an English vocabulary of only about 4 words, which mainly consists of just vowel sounds ("Eee" for 'please', "Uh" for 'up', but he can also say "Burr" for 'bird' and "Mooaa" for 'more', though his only complete word seems to be 'Pop'), he communicates quite well in other ways. Jeff found him like this one rare night when he was watching the boys:

Yesterday, after getting annoyed and frustrated while dealing with a screwed-up plumbing order for the house, I decided to take the boys sledding at Mt.Seymour. Their cousin Jackson came too and they had a lot of fun. We needed some frolicking in the snow.

A couple Saturday's ago we made it up to Mt. Baker for a day of skiing with our friends who live in Bellingham. The snow was awesome and the idea was that the adults would take turns playing with the kids and going skiing. I'm super glad Jeff and Abram sent Shannon and I out skiing first since we ended up going out for 4 hours and the guys got less than an hour - I can't really felt sorry for them as those Dad's sometimes need some time with their kids forced on them!


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