Sunday, February 20, 2011

Still Here...

Nah, we haven't dropped off the map, I just haven't managed to sit at this computer much to make a post... Getting up to retrieve any pictures I may have on my phone or camera sounds like too much effort at the moment ... Ok, fine. I'll do it since I can't remember what we've been up to anyway.

Since my last post, Skinner activities have included:
- Surprise birthday activities for my Mom's 65th
- Callum's Sportball class and Preschool continues
- Visit Vancouver for the Aquarium and visit friends
- Playdates at the church for Max and Callum
- Exterior siding and plumbing getting installed in the Blackburn house
- More sledding at Seymour with our friends, the Woods'
- Fun for Callum and Max at 'Go Bananas' indoor playground
- Kelli went blonde again
- Jeff was super sick with a flu/cold thing
- Kelli's brother has a new Daughter!! Elena Grace Davis, born just this Friday, 18th (see their blog for pics)

Here's a few half-decent pictures of a few of our activities, all of which I took with my iPhone (since I never seem to carry my big camera with me when I should).

Having snacks at Mt.Seymour with Julianne, Mackay and Banyan:

Getting balloons outside the aquarium - Callum requested a dolphin and Max chose a monkey:
Go Bananas!! (Their cousin, Lorelei, came too, but none of my pictures of her turned out):

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