Sunday, May 8, 2011

Less journey, more destination, please....

I'd like to say, "Is it May 8th, already?", but I am very aware of the date, actually, and particularly of our impending move into the Blackburn house! I have given the landlord of our current accommodations notice for June 1st, so the renovations have been on 'go-go-go' mode!

So, Callum and Max have spent the past several weeks being carted off to various babysitting situations I have organized between friends and family so I can work at the house. I really only see them on Tuesdays and Thursdays (between swimming lessons and Preschool), but I guess that is still more than Jeff sees them. I miss hanging out with them over pancakes in the morning or just taking them to the park, and I grieve over the fact that so much of the little time I do have with them now is spent either convincing them to get dressed and get going or to get on their PJ's and get to bed. I suppose this is a little taste of what it is like for those full-time working Mothers out there. Hm. Sucky.

According to those closest to me, I have been exhibiting slightly higher-than-usual stress levels at times, leading to comments such as "you should enjoy the journey, Kelli" from my Dad, but between feeling guilty about passing off my kids to anyone who will take them and feeling guilty about lack of attention to healthy meals, piles of dirty dishes and laundry, or to my husband, all I'm shooting for is the destination! So... Tomorrow- baseboards and door trim, Wednesday- painting doors and trim, Friday- install stair treads and sliding door sills, Saturday- grout entry and bathroom tile........etc, etc.......

I would post some updated pictures of the house, but I haven't picked up the camera in a while. Luckily, my brother has been using his, so I thought these 2 pictures of my super-awesomely cute boys were well worth sharing on the blog:

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  1. Wow! So close to the finish line! Hang in there! The kids look great and I can't believe how old Max is looking and so much like Jeff! callum is looking more like you all the time Kelli.