Thursday, March 24, 2011

No apologies

I think I'm going to stop feeling bad about not blogging as frequently as I would like to.

It's been a little tiring this month - With the Blackburn house, we had to cram in everything that had to get into the walls before we insulated and drywalled - At home, I've been particularly sleepy and nauseated due to my "condition": I'm pregnant (!) (due end of September, and I've decided that it WILL be a girl) - For the boys, we've been trying to get outside as much as possible with the little glimpses of Spring we've witnessed...

So, let's see, what have I documented in photographs...

During my moments of exhaustion or sickness, Callum and Max have spent a bit of time in the following position: Callum at the computer and Max at the TV:

As we have "employed" the services of my brother at the Blackburn house, my niece Lorelei has graced us with her presence a couple times. Callum likes being the big kid and pretends he can read them stories:

Back on the bikes, we've only made it to the park a few blocks away. I must say, though, I felt less-than kind feelings towards White Rock and it's lack of sidewalks as I am trying to train Callum and Max to "Stay on the side of the road!!"

Callum was proud of himself for finally getting down the park pole all by himself. I would also like to declare that Callum really is the best big brother I think there could be - he is so great at including Max and showing Max how to do things. I said to him the other day, "Thanks for helping Max, Callum" and he replied, "That's my job, Mom."

Here are the most up to date photos of the house. The front entry addition all done, with concrete front step, and the house siding almost complete (though it won't get painted until the summer, so now it is rather drab).

The interior at this point was drywall-ready. Here is the font entry addition from the top of the stairs.

Our master-bathroom shower is ready for tile.

This is downstairs, looking at the short wall where our TV will hang and the room behind with the window and door will be our office.

Callum and Max are excited about this big room, as it is all their Playroom.

As it is Spring Break now, we've spent a bit of extra time with Callum's cousins. Yesterday we ventured to Bear Creek Park, where they have a train, a mini-golf course and seriously decent playground.

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