Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been a while.

Where do I begin to sum up the past couple months? I think I'll just use the photos that I've selected to help me out. I will probably jump around chronologically, but the pictures of before and after Max's hair cut are probably the best way to tell when things happened. Let's see...

Dad worked his butt off to build as many cabinets as we could design before he got his own building permit. We really couldn't have done this house without him and his very useful skills!

Here's dad in his shop, putting the finish coat on one of our white-oak cabinets:

Callum and Max continue to impress me with their compatibility and resourcefulness. Here's a fort they were "sleeping" in:

I can't count how many trips I have made to IKEA in the last few months. Callum and Max love it there, though, so we will probably just keep going, even when all our money runs out! Callum is big enough to go into the Playroom, so Max gets stuck shopping with me.

Finally, the big day came - We moved!!!!!!!!!!!!

We first planned on June 1st as move-in day, but since there was still no functioning kitchen or shower, we postponed by a week. Packing up the basement suite was quick work (with my Mom's experienced hands at work!), but unloading at the house is still happening (as I sit here right now and count 7 boxes currently in my vicinity).

After we moved in, there was a particular day that I had a brief melt-down, and it was completely unrelated to the house. The photo below was actually from my 1st ultrasound of our growing babe, but after my 2nd ultrasound, I was informed that I am going to have another BOY. I have to admit that I sat in my car and shed many-a-tear - I really had myself convinced that it was a girl. Well, if my 3rd child ever reads this, I don't want him to think I didn't want him, but, c'mon, I mean, a girl would have rounded out the family nicely, don't you think? Nah.

Though, I do make pretty darn cute little boys, wouldn't you say?:

June was busy for Callum as he finished up his Preschool, soccer and swimming lessons before the summer.

And of course, Max ended up getting a haircut (while watching TV and eating Jelly Bellies).

Living in a big house with a big yard is quite a change for this previously-urban family. Jeff doesn't seem to mind all the outdoor labour, though.

My Dad did get his building permit and is trudging away on his own project now. Callum liked to visit his grandpa at "the hole", as he called it, because the site really was a big hole that was being filled with a lot of foam blocks as infill (I know, I know, foam as infill? Don't ask, just have faith). Callum and Jeff helped out for a bit one Saturday, though most of Callum's help was as supervisor from the excavator.

Now that we are moved in, there is still plenty of work to do in and out of the house, but summer has arrived and Jeff and I are trying to have some fun with the boys. Jeff's job-life is particularly frenzied right now, so the boys and I are grateful for any time he has to spend with us.

I have to say how glad I am that we still live so close to the beach, (about a 3 minute drive). We have been down nearly every sunny day, some days with Jeff, some without.

We have fabulous neighbours on either side of us, both with young kids. However, this means that their backyards look way more fun than ours. When we first bought the house, I didn't think I would stoop to buying those ugly plastic outdoor toys... well, as you can see, the boys will play on whatever hand-me-down toy we can get our hands on! And I did splurge on a $10 slip'n'Slide!

I know I should have a selection of post-renovation shots of the house, but I guess I don't feel as though we are "done", so you'll just have to wait until it's "done" - which may be in a few years...

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