Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rest of July

Summer has been filled with not-so amazing weather but we've managed to have a few decent days. Here's a few shots to sum-up a few of the activities we've been up to.

We spent some time at the Canada Day party at our church. (After the party, we tried to take Callum and Max to see the Cars 2 movie, but Max's 1st experience in a theatre was rather short-lived. So Jeff and Callum watched it while Max and I hung out in Chapters.)

There was a free Snowbirds air show at White Rock beach that the boys and I thoroughly enjoyed.
Jeff was interested to see our local Tour de White Rock bike race that was actually a pretty decent event. Callum and Max met up with Callum's preschool friends and they had fun cheering on the cyclists.

I was oh-so pleasantly surprised to find out that one of the overgrown bushes in the backyard is actually a Raspberry bush, and a highly-fruitful bush too! I managed to make several jars of Jam from my harvest, not to mention plenty of them on my pancakes with whip cream and a dessert worth photographing.

They can just be too funny.

Oh, of course, more visits to Ikea. Turns out we will be buying that couch they are sitting on, tomorrow in fact.

And don't say that Callum and Max didn't want to take part in any of the renovations - I finally let them put a couple paint brushes to work to paint their new playroom chairs.

More to come later, after I go through our pictures from our trip to Ottawa.

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