Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ides of March (what does that mean, anyway?)

Why such a long break since my last post, do you ask? Sigh. Life. Here's a few of the happier moments.

Callum took ski lessons for 5 weeks at Mt.Baker and can now go up the chair lifts and down the hills all on his own! Wohoo!

We brought Max up one Saturday to do some sledding while Callum skied, though, after we got there we learned that there is no sledding on the hill, so we mostly just lied around in the snow...

...and plenty of hot chocolate in the Lodge, of course.

The last day of every month, Callum's school has "Party Day", and they celebrate the birthday's of the month. My iPhone doesn't take great photos indoors.

At the end of January, Jeff was able to take a week off work to go on a cycling holiday to Hawaii with my brother-in-law Sven. He claims it was a great trip.

While he was away, the boys and I continued with regular life, including a visit to the Dentist. I was so proud of both Callum and Max, who not only each got a full cleaning but sat for the fluoride too! They were impressed with the TV on the ceiling.
Simon is getting bigger and heavier - 22 lbs now!! It seems like he has been perpetually sick for the month of March, which affects his already erratic and rather frustrating sleeping patterns. He still manages to make us smile, though.

Callum likes to use my phone to take pictures and video. Here is a sample of his work.
Max has been developing personality traits of a 3-year old. He tends to lose his patience at the littlest things, like getting his coat off or his fork won't pick up his pancake properly. In one particular instance, he got angry at me because I told him to eat his cereal by himself since he was taking so long and I couldn't sit around to feed him anymore. He curled up in this position and stubbornly stayed there long enough that he actually fell asleep like this:

Callum's patience, on the other hand, sometimes seems endless.

My Dad has been busy working in the freezing cold (it has been such a terrible February and March!) and I my skills have been intermittently called on for trim details, window details and lighting selection.Otherwise, my sisters and I went to Las Vegas during the 1st weekend in March and had a great time (other than when I got miserably sick on Sunday). I didn't take any pictures but I'll hopefully get some from my sister sometime.

Oh!!!! AND MAX IS TOILET TRAINED!!!! But I will further explain that another time as he is currently dancing next to me while chanting "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry,"

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