Monday, April 2, 2012

Max + Jeff Birthdays

It's been a rather pathetic Spring - blistery March has kept us indoors. Luckily, one of Callum's playdates also included a photographer Mom who took some great shots of Simon (Thanks Heather!):

She tried to get the 3 boys together too, but Simon had had enough by that point.But I managed to catch them all being especially cute just the other day:

The end of March means Max and Jeff celebrate their birthdays! We had a family party a week early for Max:

Max and his best buddy/cousin Lorelei had a heated Jedi training session after he got his new glowing and noisy lightsabers as a gift:

Another of Max's gifts was a paint-it-yourself wooden train. While Callum was at school the next day, Max sat by himself at the table and very contentedly painted for nearly an hour and a half!

For Jeff's birthday, I realized that what he probably wanted most of all was a little time alone with his wife. :-) So, while my sister Kim tended our children overnight, (bless her!), I got us a room at the awesome Fairmont Pacific Rim where we enjoyed some uninterrupted conversation, ordered a lot of room service, had a couple's massage at the Spa and enjoyed the view from our awesome room and the marble bathroom (sorry, I only had my iPhone for pictures). Ahhh. 24 hours went by far too quickly.

Now we are preoccupied with designing the landscaping for our backyard. Jeff cut down nearly all the trees along the east fence, in anticipation for some new Maple trees and Dogwood trees... we think.

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