Friday, June 1, 2012

In the meantime, the kids.

 Other than all the gardening we've been doing (see previous post that was posted an hour ago), the kids and I have been rather enjoying ourselves.  Simon is getting HUGE, my 25lb baby, and is a truly happy kid, most of the time.  He loves hanging out with his big brothers, just watching them play seems to be his favorite entertainment, and they love to oblige him. (I apologize if the formatting is all messed up, but has changed the way they do things and I can't figure it out right now...)



 Callum started league Soccer with the Peace Arch Soccer club in April.  Jeff and I wouldn't say he's the most aggressive player, as he usually prefers to cover the goal, but it's amazing to see how quickly he progresses and how much fun he has with his friends.

 Callum's school had a Bug Hunt that Max, Simon and I were able to join in at Crescent Park.  I can't say enough awesome things about Mountain View Preschool as Callum has just been enjoying every single day of it, soaking it all in.  And he has only ever missed one day of school this year, the day that Simon was born, actually.

 (And here's Callum with Sophie, the girl that I've decided should be Callum's first girlfriend because she is so adorable!)
 My niece Lorelei spent a few nights with us while her parents got some much-needed alone-time, and I have to say that having a 4th kid didn't really add any additional stress.

 Max is making a bit of a slower transition to a pedal bike than Callum, but here was his first attempt.

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