Monday, June 11, 2012

Fun Fairs and Bike Parks

 I didn't realize that some of the schools around here have these fundraising Fairs that they put on in their playing fields.  We were first invited to the one at Laronde Elementary, the school Callum will be attending for Kindergarten next year.  There were bouncy castles, pony rides, all sorts of games and food.  I was proud of Max as he is generally not particularly fond of animals, but he was brave and got on a pony.

 Their favorite thing, however, was the human hamsterball!

 My friend Emily told me about another Fair at her kids school last Friday, so we found real carnival rides there - a mini ferris wheel and that things that swings kids around and a spinning teacup ride (which I didn't let Callum go on since I knew he would throw up!). 

 Callum's friend, Spencer, came with us.

 My little Lion and Alligator.

 Of course they were completely spoiled and I bought them cotton candy and a snocone.
 Callum and Max currently go to the Rec Centre at least 3 times a week for various activities (Floor Hockey, Multi-sport, indoor soccer) and Callum always asks if we can go to the skate/bike park that he sees beside it.  We finally went on Saturday and he and Max had so much fun, they asked Jeff to take them again yesterday and they asked me as soon as they woke up again this morning.  There is both a dirt-bike area and a concrete skate/bike area (but I didn't get any photos at the concrete area).

 Other than Fair's and Bike Parks, we had Callum's kindergarten orientation at Laronde.  For some reason, he was previously complaining about having to go in french immersion, but a few of his friends were at the orientation and the playgrounds there were cool, so he is now pretty excited.

And other than that, well, Simon fell down the stairs yesterday.  Ah!  I know, I know.  Bad Mom.  Needless to say, his crawling skills have significantly improved and I won't be leaving him alone while I go to the bathroom!

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  1. hey guys, hit your blog for the first time in forever.
    been way too long.
    looks like you're busy as ever.
    when did you add a "simon"? - congrats!
    impressed you're keeping the blog going Kelli.
    we'll have to catch up one of these days
    big loves all the way around.