Friday, July 6, 2012

Beached whale, Canada day and my Superheroes

 Back in June, Jeff called me from his car on his way to work at around 7:00am to tell me he just heard about a beached whale on White Rock beach.  I wasn't sure we would be able to get very close but I decided to pack up the kids so we could take a look. Callum and Max were pretty amazed at the young humpback whale.  Apparently he died just before we got there as he was pretty beat up from getting caught in some fishing lines.

 My brother's family came for a little visit, so we had a Canada Day BBQ at our place.  Jeff and I sighed with satisfaction to see kids playing soccer on our newly grown grass!!!

Yesterday, we finally broke out the Slip'n'Slide!  Finally, a real summer day!

 Simon, however, isn't a big fans of the outdoors, yet.  He would prefer to stay in and play in the dishwasher!

Simon is now in full crawling mode, so the bathroom garbage can, the Lego and the shoes are no longer kept on the floor!  He has a funny little crawl, actually, using one knee and kinda dragging the other leg, but it doesn't slow him down! His current favorite forms of communication are blowing wet raspberries and a low groaning-roaring noise. And still no teeth yet.

 Just this morning, we left a little early for Callum and Max's summer daycamp to ride bikes and stop at the playground.  They decided to be Superheroes, so, there were several smiles from people we passed by.

 Once at the park, I had the brilliant idea to take some photos of the 3 of them!  A few shots aren't too bad!

The 3 boys just finished taking turns with this strange virus - Simon had it first and I thought it was Roseola because of the fever and the rash all over his body, but then Max got it and even Callum got it, all with fevers and rashes.  It was a fun couple of weeks, especially when Max and Simon's illness overlapped and they were competing for Mommy-lap time!

Today is the last day of this awesome daycamp for Callum and Max... what to do for the rest of the summer??

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  1. You need to make your photos bigger... you can barely see them on your blog cause they're so small!