Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blooming Echeveria!

I thought that "Blooming Echeveria!" would be a clever title, that perhaps it might sound more like a curse than the current state of my favorite plants.  My hens and chicks endeared themselves to me even more when I saw some of them growing odd stems with flowers on them.  So cool.

 I also have sweet feelings towards our Arbutus.  I suppose it brings back memories of riding along the coast in Oak Bay on my bike as my daily commute to UVic.  I'm actually still riding the same bike, some 15 years later.  Anyway, our arbutus makes me happy, but I think its attraction may be losing some of its affect on poor Jeff - he spends too much of his free time using our leaf vacuum to tidy up the continual downfall of leaves and bark.  

We had a super weekend of camping with friends in the North Cascades.  Our friends from Bellingham, Shannon and her 2 girls, and our Vancouver buds, Julianne + Mackay and their son and daughter, made it especially fun for Callum and Max to have some kids to hang with.  (There was a brief but much enjoyed visit from our old friends, the Cunninghams, too, who now live in Cardston, but they had to depart the first morning).

We may not have done any serious hiking that weekend, but I love to see my boys soaking in any time spent in the mountains.

There were some rather friendly fowl.  

And some seriously cute kids: Max, Banyan, Callum, Rowan and Aurora.

 Julianne enjoying the photo-op at Liberty Bell.

 Aurora is a little older than Max, but that didn't stop him from making his move!  Well, actually, it was Aurora that decided that Max should be her "par-ti-ner" for the day.  

Shannon and Aurora fooling around.

Mackay enjoyed a refreshing natural shower!

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