Thursday, September 13, 2012

Views, Pie, Crab and Dress-Up.

 I have a view out my kitchen window that is generally used for observing my kids in the backyard, though I usually only look out when I hear crying, screaming or an inappropriate conversation, such as one that uses the word "penis" or "poo" too much.  On occasion, however, I look out and pause, then I smile because I see all of my children playing together, having fun and all getting along.  That's my favorite view.  

I love peach season because I love peach-blackberry pie! 

Someone in the church knew someone with a boat and crab traps, so  Jeff took Callum with the scouts out crabbing one Saturday.  Jeff told me that Callum didn't fare so well on the boat, coming home with vomit all over his clothes and life jacket!  Callum insists, however, that he had a good time when he wasn't puking.  What a trooper.  And we got to cook up 3 crabs for dinner - Mmmmmmm....

 September 4th was Callum's first day of Kindergarten!  It was only 20 minutes that day (due to the rather annoying gradual-entry schedule), but an important day none the less.

 Max had his first day of Preschool the next week.  He has been waiting this for a long time, so I was surprised he wasn't more excited.  He said he had a good time, though.

I have substituted in Nursery at church a few times and it can be fun hanging with Max and Simon in there.  He really likes to dress up.

Jeff's work bought tickets to the Surrey Mayor's Charity Gala Black-tie event,  so Jeff and I got to get all dressed up.


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