Friday, January 18, 2013

This is Six.

 I tend to forget that Callum is a rather mild-mannered little boy, more calm and patient than most other kids his age.  I was quickly reminded of that when I took him and 8 of his friends bowling for his birthday party.  Ha!!  Not the smartest idea I've had...  Well, they had a lot of fun, but not necessarily from the bowling but from the running, climbing and jumping that they were doing all around the alley.  It was a good thing it wasn't very busy.

 After bowling, we came back to our place for home-made pizzas, ice cream cake and general playing around.  I'm super glad I had asked my sister Kami to come help out!

 And here he is, my super-awesome 6-year old.  Well, I guess, this is six:

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