Friday, February 1, 2013

"Playdates", Mess, Perfection

 I remember when I used to think the word "Playdate" was funny.  Now it is just a part of my daily vocabulary since my 2 older boys are constantly asking me for them.  They are very social little boys and apparently our huge playroom and their million toys still isn't sufficient to entertain them during long days at home while Simon naps and I try to keep my house organized.  I find myself missing our 700 sqft condo downtown - not necessarily because it was in the heart of the city with so many things to do with my boys, but because it only took me a few hours to completely clean!  The house we are in now is pretty great and how dare I whine about the fact that my ginormous house is too big to keep tidy - but I can't help it.  A smaller house means less room to get messy which means less time cleaning which means more time at the park or the pool or the beach... Oh, poor Kelli, she has a nice big house.  Boo hoo.  Ok, ok.

I guess maybe I am just amazed and impressed with Simon's ability to make mess - I mean, a lot of mess, everywhere.  I am constantly tidying up the contents of my purse in the front entry, the take-out menus from the kitchen, my make-up and hair accessories from my bathroom drawer, the previously full garbage can in the office now strewn on the floor...etc.  This kid gets around.  Taking him out anywhere is also quite messy since he loves puddles, and the muddier the better.  Getting him back into the van is usually a good fight and he tends to share all the mud on his boots with my clothes.  Well, luckily, this kid is also so darn cute, he gets away with it all!

Simon now has 6 teeth, 3 on top, 3 below, and is wearing size 6 diapers.  For the past few weeks, he has been waking for the day well before 6am and therefore has a morning routing of watching Sesame Street on Netflix by himself until he climbs up the stairs yelling for me because he's hungry.  He's down to one ill-timed nap per day (sleeps over lunch time, usually around 11am-1pm), and wakes during the night for unknown reasons but sometimes just because his soother isn't in his mouth anymore. 

Partially because taking Simon out is such a hassle, we have Max or Callum's friends over at least 3 or 4 times a week or sometimes they play at their friends' places, but this has the result of them getting bored at home when they aren't playing with friends. Callum goes through phases and he is currently in a computer-game phase.  I actually had my 16 yr-old nephew, Sam, come over to explain to Callum and I (well, mostly to me) the ins-&-outs of Minecraft since free online games are no longer good enough. Although I have absolutely zero interest in the video-game world, I've decided that, since it is interesting to my son, I have to learn too.  And I have to pay closer attention to his 5-hour per week limit.

We have been keeping busy on the weekends, though, by going skiing pretty much every Saturday.  Callum loves it and can now go on Blue runs by himself.  We're not bothering with lessons this year since he is too advanced for his age-group and Max is still too young.  Max is further along than Callum was at his age, but I guess that is because we really are spending more time on the mountains.  Jeff's interest in backcountry skiing has developed into more of a passion now, as he has begun the process of buying all the gear required for the sport.  He got Callum and Max all stressed out last weekend when he explained to them the purpose of his beacon, as they started to think that Daddy was going to get covered up by an avalanche and maybe his beacon batteries would run out so no one could rescue him! 

I think Max definitely gets the short end of the stick right now because he would love to do so much more than be stuck at home with his napping baby brother and his Mom trying to keep her house clean while Callum is at school.  As I am writing this, I should probably be playing with him instead of making him watch another episode of Backyardigans while Simon sleeps (...ok, I took a break and played Beyblades then Hungry Hippos with him...).  He has Preschool 2 afternoons per week and T-Ball Wednesday mornings, but he'd love to do skating and swimming too and, of course, more playdates.

Thankfully, Max is my best sleeper - he usually makes it all the way to 7am, bless him!!

Over the holidays, my sister Krista said that she loves my blog but commented that it made my life seem a little too perfect.  Huh.  Ya, I mean, with kids this cute, I can see how that might be the case:

 I guess it is almost perfect.  A while ago I asked Jeff if this is how he imagined his life - when he was younger, did he picture this as what he wanted?  I confess, this is pretty darn close to my vision of the future...except I had a daughter and a dog - don't want the dog anymore and the daughter is only a possibility if I make a trip to Africa and buy one.  This week, though, I saw a poster at the Rec centre for Sun Run training and had a fleeting thought about running again.  Fleeting.  When would I train? Well, I could go to bed earlier at night so I could run in the mornings before Jeff leaves, but then I would have no time for myself after the kids were in bed.  I could go at night, after the kids are in bed and Jeff's home, but I usually feel like crashing then.  

Anyway, I guess, no matter how perfect life is, we always want more, don't we?  Or we always feel lacking in balance, like we could be more organized and more fulfilled.  I have finished installing the floor tile in my parents new place and will be moving on to doing the tile in my brother's house.  It makes me feel ever so slightly more useful to be able to help out there, like at least there is something more in my life than organizing playdates and cleaning up after Simon.

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