Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ah, Colin and Edith. We miss you.

Before I forget what life was like before I had kids, I recently remembered something that I thought I should jot down.

Jeff and I met at Dalhousie while pursuing our Masters of Architecture - a degree that required spending endless hours and often sequential days without sleep, working away like hermits in each of our tiny studio spaces, blocking out any interruptions by wearing headphones and listening to constantly streaming music.  We often joked that we fell in love while taking quality, but oh-so brief breaks from school to prepare quick meals and prolonged the return to work by actually doing the dishes together.  Anyway... while plugged into our computers, we both got hooked on the BBC radio show called 'Colin and Edith' and could stream it live or listen to recordings through the BBC radio website.  Colin and Edith did this lunch-time love song thing, where you could write a little note and make a song request on their website, dedicating it to someone you loved - which I did.  I remember that we happened to both be holed up in our separate studios one day, fortunately listening to the live show, and I heard them read out my note, (I remember it said something about 'my love, Jeff, sitting not-so far away across the studio') and then play the song I requested (which I can't remember).  I smiled that they actually read it out, but felt completely satisfied when a moment later I see Jeff standing in my studio, also smiling because he actually heard the dedication to him!  That was cool.

(March, 2004.  Jeff presenting his work to our professors for our "Dichte" studio at the Fachhochschule in Dusseldorf, Germany).

(November 22, 2003.  In front of Le Corbusier's Chapelle de Notre-Dame-du-Haut outside Ronchamp, France)

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