Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Night Market, Father's Day, End of School!

 It was June for a brief period of time, right?  Well, one Saturday night, Jeff and I met up with our friends, Marc and Zenija, at the Richmond Night market, where I indulged in every kind of fried finger food and the fish-shaped, chocolate and bean stuffed pancake! Mmmm.

One Sunday was Father's Day, where my boys participated in a very appropriate Father's Day activity - washing Daddy's car.

The weather was weird this month - for several weeks we would wake up to grey, stormy weather with sometimes hard downpour rain, but by the afternoon it was hot and sunny!  Perfect gardening weather, really, if I had actually planted a decent garden.  

Anyway... Callum is a playdate addict (in fact, a little background story: I was chatting with a Mom of one of the girls in his class and she mentioned that she hasn't had any playdates for her daughter this year and I just about went into shock!  No Playdates??!!? Callum would need to be admitted to a rehab facility for withdrawal from his playdate addiction if I didn't provide him with a friend to play with at least a few times a week!!!),... and I was happy that it was finally warm enough to pull out the sprinkler and for the boys to do some burying in the gravel with his buddy Beckham.  

 While thinking about it, here's another side story: Callum loves going to school and I can't even remember more than twice that he actually missed a day.  So I was quite surprised one morning a few months ago when he said he didn't want to go.  What?  Well, I got it out of him that his 2 good buddies, Gus and Beckham, were saying less-than sensitive things when they played "mini-sticks" hockey together because they are both on league teams, so they were pretty good, and Callum was not.  We had a little chat about how he could handle the situation, i.e. talk to them about it or play with other friends or just suck it up, and he went to school.  Well, it was definitely a few weeks before he asked for playdates with Gus or Beckham but I was happy when he started asking again and now it seems that the hockey phase has passed... until next season...

Simon, Simon, Simon.  I don't think I have spent enough time sharing tid-bits of information about this little boy.  He screams and hits me a lot.  I mean, a lot.  It is pretty much accepted that anytime I want to put him in his car seat (particularly after dropping his brothers off somewhere that he is not allowed to stay), he will violently oppose my attempts to buckle him up.  Sigh.  On another note, however, he is awfully sweet and resourceful.  He gives me kisses and arm-less hugs by holding his face up against my leg.  He is a dream to put to bed as he requires no stories, no songs, no cuddles, just a blanket and a soother (that he hasn't bit through at all!) and a goodnight kiss.  Although he is perfectly capable of going up and down the stairs himself, he refuses to go down until I piggy-back him down. He still has no words, other than "Umaa, Umaa", though he will sometimes randomly say something like "Hewo" for Hello and "Deedoo" for Thank you.  He now loves raspberries and cheerios, but I can't say that he particularly likes anything else. He just tends to act in complete denial of his true age of 1-year old, believing that he should be able to do everything his 4 and 6 year old brothers can do!

 On June 19th, Callum had his Kindergarten Graduation! Ha ha! There are 3 kindergarten classes, all french immersion, and they got up in the gym to perform all the songs they learned, then they filed out so they could re-enter one by one to receive their "diploma" from their teacher.  Callum had Mme. Paulus for 3 days and Mme. Sproule for 2 days a week, but Mme.Paulus handed him his paper.  Then there was a dessert party in their classroom.  Too cute. 

The following week was Max's last day of Preschool with Wind&Tide, but we actually had it in our backyard since they wanted a Sports Day and his school has no yard.  Races and snacks and fun, though Max boycotted participating in the songs since he was upset that they weren't going to sing Happy Birthday to him (!?!).

On Callum's actual last day of school, I thought I was so original in my idea to take the boys to Menchie's for ice cream - apparently a lot of other Mom's had the same idea since there was a huge line up and kind of a party going on outside! 

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