Friday, June 7, 2013

Lego class, Art Class, Pro-D Days, Holidays, Seattle Zoo & Great Wolf Lodge!

Let's look at my iPhone Calendar and see what's been keeping us busy...

Every Tuesday and Saturday, Callum has been going to Soccer.  He loves it, though he tends to prefer playing goalie.  In fact, his first couple practices, he was lapped by some of his teammates during the warm up run.  I'm not sure he's going to be our super-star athlete in the family.

Pro-D Day adventures!  Callum had the day off school May 3rd and said he wanted to go Mountain Climbing - what does that mean to a 6-year old? I decided that bouldering on the rocks at Lighthouse Park in Went Van would satisfy him, so we met up with Kim for a bit while exploring the park.  Then we had a smorgasborg of baked goods from Savary Island on the beach before heading to the West Van community pool for a swim.  It was there that Callum and Max first experienced a waterslide - they loved it!  Max couldn't stop himself from running back to the staircase to go again, which led to a pretty serious goose-egg on the back of his head after he slipped on the tile, but they must have gone down 50 times!  Kim had us over for Pot Pie for dinner before heading home.

Every Wednesday after school, Callum has been going to a Lego class.  Definitely up his alley.

I built some vegetable beds in the back yard.  Painted them. Filled 'em with dirt.  Missed the window to actually plant most seeds, but since I'm constantly yelling at Simon to stop digging out the dirt, I'm not sure seeds would have survived anyway.  We'll just stick with the 6 tomato plants and some herbs again this year, in addition to some thinned-out carrot seedlings my neighbour brought over.
I finally registered Max in an Art Class at 4 Cats Arts, so he goes every Tuesday.  He's glad to finally have an outlet to all his creative energy!

Jeff took Callum and Max on an overnight camp at Cultus Lake with other families from Church.  Apparently Callum was one of the first one's up in the morning and spent hours practicing his fishing casting.  And apparently he also asked about the ingredients in the juice they had out for breakfast and claimed that "my Mom wouldn't let me drink that if she were here".  I think it was probably Sunny Delight or something.  

That same night, I had a night out with my sisters and Mom, and even my sister-in-law Stacey and my niece Hannah were out for a Mother's Day weekend.  We got manicures or pedicures, went to the WAG on the beach for dinner, then just hung out at my place for a while.

May long weekend was a bike trip for Sven and Jeff to Seattle.  I took the boys overnight to Gibsons to stay with Kim for another little adventure.

Just this Monday we got back from the biggest adventure of all: Seattle Zoo and The Great Wolf Lodge!!!  We went with our neighbours Cindy and Teddy, which made it extra fun.  I have all sorts of things to say about that weekend, but I'll leave it to the pics to sum it all up...

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