Thursday, January 23, 2014

December 2013

When the weather got cold, Callum was really desperate for it to snow, but this day, he just had to work with what he had.

When it finally did snow, it stayed long enough for a little play time.

For our anniversary, Jeff and I escaped parenthood for a couple nights in Seattle.  There was a Santa race the Sunday morning in front of our hotel, but most of the weekend we just ate really yummy food and picked up Christmas gifts for each other.

Jeff requested that our theme for Christmas this year should be "Simplify".  I think we succeeded. 

 Callum's school concert (he's kind of in the middle, front), and pancake breakfast:

We went over to Scott and Samantha's for Christmas Eve.  No acting out the nativity this year, but we watched a cute video of it, Callum read some of it and Max played with a toy nativity with his cousins.

And Christmas morning was, of course, fun.

We had Christmas dinner at my parents house.

After Christmas, we were hoping to spend a lot of time on the Mountains, skiing with our family season passes to Mt.Seymour.  Well, a serious lack of snow made us try some other activities.

Unfortunately, after bowling that day, I went for a drive to help Simon fall asleep for a nap... He didn't go to sleep:

Jeff found this fun restaurant to take the boys for lunch one day and Simon was in train heaven.

Simon is definitely trying very hard to do whatever his brothers do.  Including playing with my phone:

And, a rare moment of contentment between 3 brothers (maybe I should censor this?):

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