Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A party for Callum

After New Year's I made a last minute decision to have Callum's 7th birthday party at home before the holiday break was over - the idea was that I wouldn't need to invite so many kids if we did it before school was back in session, but we still managed to have 11 little boys over to cause chaos and noise.  We borrowed my sister Kami's and my brother Scott's PS3's so they could play video games, I had wood boards for them to paint and put their names on and I also spent every night during the week before the party creating 10 different Lego spaceships that the kids could put together and take home as party favours (that I'm quite proud of, I might say!).  Callum requested a Canucks cake, so I found someone in Langley that would print an edible image to put on top of a home made cake.

The next couple weeks was in great anticipation of our Hawaii trip, while still enjoying a few moments of significant cuteness:

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