Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kids in Sports and Peak 3!

 Quickly, oh so quickly, the days and weeks go by as my children grow and my house lingers in unwashed floors.  

One weekend, we had Lorelei and Elena sleepover - we set up an indoor campground with our tents in the playroom.  

I thought that taking them to the playground, along with our neighbour Teddy, would be a good idea to escape from the noise in my house.  As we drove there, I realized I had a 2,3,4,5,6 and a 7 year old in my van.  While at the playground, I was reminded that Kelli would never be a very good mother of 6 children, especially not ones so close in age!  I was quite satisfied with only 2 days of collecting children!

I have recently been telling people that Simon was born a little angrier than most people, and he shares his general anger rather regularly.  Jeff and I feel like we have to walk on pins around him, to avoid lengthy episodes of screaming!  So, when he is quiet for periods of time, I tend to enjoy it... until I begin to wonder what he's into:

Finally, now that Max is 5 years old, he can register in league sports!  He was very, very excited and his excitement urged me to sign him up for both baseball and soccer, which meant Callum signed up for both as well, of course. 

Simon is a complete nightmare on Saturdays, as I try to get him to follow us to 3 different soccer and baseball games (which usually ends up Kelli carrying his 38lbs of kicking/punching/screaming body across fields), though he is pretty well behaved and distracted on practice days.  Hopefully, one of these days, Jeff will actually be able to join us and provide some secondary assistance!

Easter was last weekend and Jeff and I managed to join a bunch of my family to hike the 3rd peak of Stawamish Chief.  It was a great day, especially since my Dad came with 5 of his 6 kids, which is very rare. 

We are already preparing for our family hike at the end of August, to do the Northover Ridge in Kananaskis, and all 6 of us Davis kids will be going this year, plus a few grandkids - so it should be epic!  Jeff won't be able to come, but he and I are planning a 4-day backpacking trip in the Cascades during his holidays, plus some car-camping with the kids.  Lots to look forward to!

BTW, I have been preparing my vegetable beds to actually grow a few vegetables this year - and I actually planted seeds today!  I've got carrots, beets, arugula and peas in the ground, so we will see if Simon can stay out of the dirt long enough for germination to occur!

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