Monday, May 19, 2014

Ah, low stress weekend.

It's been a beautiful Victoria Day long weekend, which was was kick-started with Laronde's school Spring Fair - super fun for the kids. Since there was no running around to baseball or soccer games, we managed to have relaxing outdoor time: biking to the park, practicing batting and catching, road hockey in the driveway, playing with neighbourhood friends, tending to the endless yard work and my vegetable garden, planting tomatoes and beans, bringing out the materials and starting to build the garden fence..etc.  There's been time indoors too, as Callum bought himself a "Rainbow Loom" and has been busy watching YouTube videos to learn how to make various rubber band paraphernalia.  We also went to the Clova to support Max's preschool teacher's family as a fundraiser movie (the Lego Movie) and managed to see some of the Cloverdale parade too.

 Just now, the kids are next door having a picnic dinner with Annika (8) and Matteus (6), while Jeff chats with Thure, their Dad.  Before dinner, Yi-ren, their Mom came over with Simon because he was repeating "Pchoo" over and over and was apparently getting frustrated that she couldn't understand.  So I came up with a few options: "Juice? Are you thirsty?", "Uh uh, Pchoo Pchoo" he says.  "Oh, your shoes? Do you want your shoes back on?" and he just frowns saying "Pchoo".  But then he puts his hands together with his 2 fingers pointing and his thumbs up, so I say "Oh! do you want a gun?", then his eyebrows raise and his eyes light up, "Gun! Pchoo!".  Water guns, of course.  Too funny.  The last couple weeks, Simon has really been trying to use words instead of just sounds, and it is just so super adorable.

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